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We are a company thought and dreamed to solve the current needs of the different fronts of industrial development.

With joy and commitment we put into consideration the result of our expertise achieved over the last 24 years of research, innovation and development, always with the compromise of provide solutions that allow us to live in harmony with the only ship we have to travel to the future: OUR PLANET EARTH.



There are some of the certifications acquired by our company; click on the image for more information.

             CO17/7476              CO17/7477

Floridablanca Subsidiary

Cra. 11 No 6 52 - Santander - COLOMBIA
Tel (57)7-6752283 - Fax (57)7-6826385


Barranquilla Subsidiary

Calle 109 No. 36-96 Barrio Las Estrellas
Tel (57)5-3850389 - Fax (57)5-3822966


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